Oman is one of the last truly Arabic countries in the middle east, free from excessive western influence and the distorting lens of wealth. Here, travellers have a rare opportunity to witness the traditional Arabic charms and Bedouin values of old. Here is a land that has been nearly forgotten by time, with an abundance of natural beauty, ranging from wind-swept deserts, spectacular mountains and pristine coastlines. In this respect, Oman offers a fantastic contrast of riding terrain between mountains, desert and coastal plains. The diversity of the landscape and the wonderful local people make this a truly memorable and one-of-a-kind horse riding holiday.

These unique rides are organised by Emmanuelle Lancon who has been pioneering rides in the area for many years. With the support of local breeders and a particular interest in endurance and long distance riding – these trails have gained increasing popularity, offering a combination of quality riding and a traditional cultural experience. Oman is a member of the World Arabian Horse Organisation and the Sultan himself has taken a very keen interest in the preservation and development of the Omani Arabian horse. The result is that the country now has a great many nimble and hardy little horses, who are able to cover great distances, over some of the most challenging of terrain with great ease and enormous heart. The complexity of the topography does often limit the pace of these rides, but when the landscape allows, you will find that the Omani Arabian horses have an amazing “turn of foot”.

During the trail, you will stay the first night in a hotel in Muscat, as well as spending one night in a comfortable fixed desert camp retreat. On the subsequent riding days, you will stay in mobile desert camps with basic facilities. In all cases, you will enjoy the wonderful hospitality of the Omani people and be very well cared for by a full team of backup staff including guides, horse grooms, chef, drivers and Bedouin camp attendants.